In 2005 I set out to create the best and most complete guide to Asheville for both tourists and locals.

Our original mission was: “to be the most comprehensive informational guide to the City of Asheville and Western North Carolina. We work hard to present a fresh, authentic perspective on the city of Asheville, and provide the most accurate portrayal of area resources. With the help of visitor feedback and community contribution, we are confident that we can properly represent the local color and vitality that make Asheville, North Carolina one of the most amazing places on earth. Navigate the tabs above to find the newest content.”

Nathan Kempner and I worked nearly full time for 3 years to make the site a success. In 2009 we both moved on to other opportunities and the site gradually declined.

Now as of early 2019, I have decided to shut down the site.

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Thank you for your support!

Justin Belleme

Founder of, Founder of JB Media Group and the JB Media Institute

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